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June 4, 2019


Bi-Partisan Legislative Substance Abuse Treatment Working Group Announced - Tackling the Opioid & Substance Abuse Epidemic

June 4, 2019


Lawmakers vow to push stiffer regulations on addiction treatment in California

June 14, 2019


Appellate hearing regarding the SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation)

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California governor signs some addiction treatment reform measures, rejects others

Article includes quotes from the governor and representatives about approaches to the bills and aftermaths.


Rogue rehab facilities need state oversight: Cottie Petrie-Norris

"The simple fact is that our regulatory framework has not caught up to the scope and scale of this crisis.”


Private Equity Investment is Soaring in Addiction Treatment Centers

Because you don’t have to have a moral compass when you invest: just pretend everything will get better.


Four members of AAC’s board resign amid NYSE troubles

American Addiction Centers now has too few directors on its audit committee; what could possibly be wrong?


Federal agents raid 4 Southern California addiction treatment centers

Only four? Locations in Agoura Hills, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Santa Ana.


Phantom fentanyl killed 1649 people in California over 5 years, a number dwarfed by other states

Fentanyl deaths up 1247% in Los Angeles and 564% in Orange County in the same period.


Rehab Homes in Unincorporated OC to Face New Rules

Review of Orange County Board of Sups approval of zoning related to recovery residences.


A brother’s heartbreak: Finding — and losing — a homeless addict on SF’s streets (CA)


Orange County, following Costa Mesa’s lead, may regulate sober living homes

Orange County Board of Supervisors to consider zoning regulations.


California officials detail drug overdose case against big political donor Ed Buck

Sex and drugs and money.


Inside Kern County’s plan to reduce homeless by jailing misdemeanor drug offenses

“…Those repeatedly arrested for drug possession and theft could be held in jail on no-bail warrants until trial."


Huntington Beach to create laws regulating sober-living homes in neighborhoods

Huntington Beach seeks to follow in Costa Mesa’s footsteps.


A Detox Drug Promises Miracles - If It Doesn’t Kill You First

Another magic pill is being advertised in Mexico, $5000 for five days.


Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy

Distributor of opioids has a more than $10 billion plan to settle claims.


Court Upholds Injunction in Dana Point’s Lawsuit against Drug

“ ...the court emphasized that operating a business in a residential zone is a violation 

of the city’s zoning ordinance, and that such a violation is deemed a nuisance for 

which an injunction can be issued."


Google’s new addiction recovery website is more useful than a Google search

Because Google is addicted to recovery advertising revenues. 


Why Drug Rehab is Outdated, Expensive, and Deadly

Big Pharma wants you to believe that taking daily medication is the cure to addiction.


Orange County taking steps to crack down on addiction treatment fraud

As the Task Force under Rackauckas languishes, county fires up “registry” of houses.


Addiction treatment bills aim to change troubled industry — but it’s slow in coming

Bills in Sacramento show promise.


Judge rules Costa Mesa can enforce its sober-living restrictions as lawsuit continues

Rehab operators want to stay open while exploring legal options. 


The Rehab Racket: She spent more than $110,000 on drug rehab. Her son still died

Vox is (just now?) investigating addiction treatment.


Addiction Clinics Market Pricey, Unproven Treatments to Desperate Patients

This “magic pill” is an infusion.


‘Unconscionable’: Why an online directory of rehab facilities doubled as a recipe book

for drugs like GHB, crack and meth


Recovery programs my be leading to OD deaths

Should say ARE leading to OD deaths, or just deaths, and mayhem in general. 


Costa Mesa Planning Commission backs making local local needle exchange ban permanent

Protection of dense sober living community in Costa Mesa cited as reason.


Relapse for Cash: How Patient Brokers and Unscrupulous Rehabs Prey on Addicts Looking for Help

“If treatment centers don’t pay for patients, there’s no more patient brokering.”


Deaths at California Rehab Centers Prompt Push for Reform

190 deaths at licensed houses since 2010 do not include deaths at unlicensed houses.


How judges added to the grim toll of opioids

Repeated sealing of evidence delayed publicity of Big Pharma’s involvement.


Drug rehab counselor charged with murder in Navy man’s fentanyl overdose death

Clinical director of a rehab who helped set up rehabs sold pills laced with fentanyl on the side.


Orange County Supervisor Says Residents Concerned About Increase in Sober Living Homes

Supervisor Don Wagner is proposing an ordinance modeled after regulations in Costa Mesa.


How the opioid crisis is leading to elder financial abuse

The elderly are more susceptible to financial fraud.


How Malibu became the celebrity rehab capital of America

Historical backdrop on how rehabs end up in warm places.


OC Psychiatrist sentenced to prison for for prescription drug sales scheme

Psychiatrist was also a meth addict.


An Addiction Crisis Disguised as a Housing Crisis

So much easier for the courts and legislatures to talk about housing


Lawmakers vow to push stiffer regulations on addiction treatment in California

Bi-Partisan Legislative Substance Abuse Treatment Working Group formed around various bills.


San Francisco to Force Treatment on Mentally Ill Drug Users

"San Francisco’s program would allow a court to appoint a public conservator for someone who

has been involuntarily detained for psychiatric hospitalization at least EIGHT times in a year."


“American Relapse” Reveals the For-Profit Corruption of the Heroin Rehab Industry

Documentary follows two addicts through cycle of addiction and treatment.


‘He died in their hands’: Marin family suing Sonoma County rehab center over son’s death

Detox required to perform face-to-face checks 12 times only checked three.


The Predatory Malibu Rehab Guru Who Ripped Off Obamacare

Evan Wright’s book about Chris Bathum, Bad Therapist will be published on May 30 by Amazon Original Stories. Here is an excerpt that clearly describes how fraud is perpetrated:



Driver on trial for suspected DUI crash in Westminster that left a passenger dead

Driver and friend had been kicked out of an Anaheim recovery residence hours before.


’Tired of Being Dope Sick,’ A Drug User Gets Help From Police to Get Sober

Police take a different approach to addicts in order to encourage recovery.


A meeting in Fire Mountain about David Fishbach

Retired anesthesiologist with history of building sober living homes accused of adding unpermitted rooms to houses he has purchased in $1 million property neighborhood in Oceanside.


In Cities Where It Once Reigned, Heroin Is Disappearing

Fentanyl is now preferred.


Meth Overdose Deaths in U.S. Quadruple Over 6-Year Span

Staggering losses with no end in sight.


Yes, drug-assisted treatment is needed for opioid-addicted patients in U.S. prisons

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) reduces deaths and is compared to insulin.


Inside the Mysterious $11 Million Death of a Scientology Rehab Patient

Patient went through withdrawal without his anti-depressants and hanged himself.


Setting Precedent, A Federal Court Rules Jail Must Give Inmate Addiction Treatment

Judge rules she must continue to receive her MAT, which is a low-dose opioid.


Battle-weary Sovereign Health claims boost from state in fierce fight for millions from Health Net

Does an insurer have the right to demand extensive documentation from a fraudster?

How else are we going to keep healthcare fiscally sound?


Opioid Use Disorder Should Be Thought of Like an Infectious Disease, Experts Say

Actually, this article describes how infectious disease specialists have the potential

to identify opioid addicts and help them get treatment.


The Federal Government Needs to Take Stronger Action to Prevent

Discriminatory Coverage of Methadone

In depth analysis in an op-ed of financial impediments to medication assisted treatment.


Fresno alcohol, drug rehab owner faces federal mail fraud indictment

"… falsely billed insurers for hundreds of thousands of dollars."


A Barren Landscape for Meth Treatment

Small incentives, like iTunes gift cards, may make a difference.


Rehab patents’ unpaid work for big companies likely illegal

Another way to profit off of recovering addicts--a common tactic in this industry.


Faced with an outcry over limits on opioids, authors of CDC guidelines

acknowledge they’ve been misapplied

Patients who should have received opioids have been denied them according to

doctors who receive funding from pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Insurer sent $33,000 to a man with struggling with addiction.

He used the cash to go on a binge — and died.

Twenty stints in rehab.  Is an addict mentally capable of handling their insurance reimbursements?


America’s Only Publicly-Traded Addiction Treatment Chain

Makes Millions Off of Patients.  What Could Go Wrong

AAC has dozens of residences across eight states.  People die.


Prison for Forced Addiction Treatment?  A Parent’s ‘Last Resort’ Has Consequences

Involuntary commitment in Massachusetts is possibly not a good choice for addicts

with mental health issues.


Patrick Kennedy Profits from Opioid-Addiction Firms

Sadly, it’s just too easy for treatment centers and pharmaceutical companies to

compensate advocates who then go on to promote more money for treatment,

not better treatment.



Here We Grow Again: Caron Getting Back into Expansion with New Initiatives (PA)


My Years in the Florida Shuffle of Drug Addiction (FL)


Opioid Treatment Scam May Be Coming to Your State (MD)


Ohio Rehab Facility Owner Pleads Guilty To Fraud (OH)


Medicaid expanding to cover inpatient residential addiction treatment (CO)


Man who trained people to use life-saving anti-overdose drug loses his own battle with addiction (NY)


Liberation Way medical director sentenced to 3 years plus in prison for health-care fraud (PA)


Atlantic City regulation of sober living homes looks reasonable (NJ)


Accusations of fraud, lies and neglect pile up around bankrupt Carson City sober-living facility: Part III (NV)


Carson City sober-living facility closes, declares bankruptcy after client’s death: Part II (NV)


Family searches for answer to why father died after stay in Carson City sober-living home: Part I (NV)


All Doorways lead to Manchester: Statewide system creates dumping ground (NH)


Ex-CEO of Bucks County drug rehab pleads guilt to milking patients for profits (PA)


Founder of Megan’s House arrested in LHS assaults (MA)


New Jersey Rehab Center Destroyed by Fire, Over 200 People Evacuated (NJ)


Judge approves request to block founder’s return to sober-living facility (OH)


Region hit hard by opioids embraces jail-based treatment (MA)


Boston Sober Home Owner Faces 28 Criminal Charges (MA)


Man stabbed to death at Oklahoma City sober living house (OK)


County Controller and Dept. of Human Services at Odds Over Recovery Home Audit (PA)


Ellsworth Drug Treatment Center Closes After State Finds “Numerous Deficiencies,” Pulls Funding (ME)


Jacksonville Beach facility owner pleads guilty in $57M laundering scheme (FL)


Man dies after stabbing in Little Rock Friday night, one person arrested (AK)


Drug charges for sober home operator (MA)


Sheboygan sober living facility worker sentenced to 6 years for sexual assault of resident (WI)


Hawaii AG: Rehab Center Ignored Promised Reforms for 2 Years (HI)


Delray police: Man paid thousands in patient-brokering kickbacks (FL)


Once touted as a recovery success story, Philly rehab owner admits he illegally profited from others’ addictions (PA)


Fraudulent sober living homes in Delaware the target of proposed legislation (DE)


Remains found in Wakefield identified as man reported missing from sober homes in 2018 (MA)


Female patient found dead at Centerstone in Bradenton (FL)


Cumberland Heights rehab facility patient dies on campus for the first time (TN)


Woman was detoxing at Centerstone when she died.  Mother suspects negligence (FL)


Legislation would make patient-brokering illegal in Pennsylvania (PA)


Missing New York Woman, 20, Found Dead in Florida After Trip for Rehab (NY, FL)


Drug Rehab Investigated for Medicaid Fraud and Questionable Labor Practices (TX, LA)


Former director of Southern W. Va. drug recovery clinic sentenced to prison (WV)


Two years, 30 arrests, 12 convictions: A task force’s track record (FL)

A Sober House for a Neighbor: “We Already Have A Stigma Against Us” (MA)


Sober Houses in a Grey Area Between “Over-Regulating And Under Regulating” (MA)


Life of Purpose treatment center, successor to scandal-ridden Liberation Way, collapses (PA)


Florida Legislature Passes Latest Sober Homes Task Force SUD Treatment and Recovery Residence Legislation (FL)


Millions of Medical Documents for Addiction and Recovery Patients Leaked (PA)


Massachusetts’ contentious tactic to fight its opioid crisis: jailing addicts (MA)


Man sentenced after father-in-law dies in drug test scam (KS)


Former West Palm Beach Sober Home Operator Owes IRS $6.5M (FL)

News Stories about Rogue Drug Rehabs

Mother erecting cross after her son died while at a drug rehab facility.

Orange County Register expose on CA drug rehabs

The California Department of Health Care Services appears to provide little oversight of drug rehabs and sober-living homes in the State of California.  So, you need to be wary.  Read this overview published by the Orange County Register.  

Additionally, Drug Rehabs are creating homelessness in Southern California by dumping out their unsuccessful or used up exploited drug rehab patients according to this article in the Orange County Register.  

Above it All

Above it All Drug Treatment Facility located in Lake Arrowhead, California has four wrongful death cases pending against it, Donavan Doyle, Matthew Maniace, Terri Darling and James Dugas.  Numerous employees and former clients were suing Above It All.   The State of California suspended and revoked Above It All Licenses.   You can follow the court cases and view court documents at the San Bernardino Superior Court Website

Now they are starting new drug rehab centers under new entities just putting them under other people's names, their relatives.  

Community Recovery Los Angeles

Christopher Bathum, owner of 19 drug rehab facilities in Southern California and Colorado, was finally convicted of 31 crimes against his drug rehab patients.  Read about it in the Orange County Register.  

Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health was so bad that it caught the attention of the FBI, who conducted a raid of their facilities.   According to a Los Angeles Times article, "Sharma's medical license was revoked by Britain's General Medical Council in 2008 for "serious professional misconduct." 

Here is a story entitled "Sovereign Health drug and rehab facility forced to shut down drug services" in Florida.  Read all about it in Wink.  

Several Drug Rehabs deserve a special mention

First House is mentioned concerning the death of one of their drug rehab patients,  Brandon Jacques, in this aricle in the Orange County Register.

West Coast Detox was featured in the Orange County Register article also for the death of Jason Redmer, a drug rehab patient.  His Mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit.   

 Pacific Coast Detox was mentioned in the Orange County Register article about the death of one of their drug rehab patients,  Dillon DeRita .   

Drug rehabs exploit drug rehab patients and their insurance companies, one way through excessive urine testing.  Read this article for details.