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    JarrodsLaw is just beginning to compile the death investigations conducted by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) on all licensed facilities in the State of California.  

    DHCS has reported a total of 119 deaths in the past 6 years at the licensed drug rehab facilities.  

    These do not include DEATHS occurring at sober-living homes, which are not legally required to report deaths to DCHS.  JarrodsLaw has reason to believe the number of DEATHS at sober-living homes could be in the thousands.   JarrodsLaw advocates for laws requiring the reporting of DEATHS at all sober-living homes.  

    The industry needs much more accountability from DHCS and it is our goal to make that happen.   


    JarrodsLaw.Org was established to create awareness of dangers those facing addiction face and to pave the way for real change in providing oversight and accountability in the addiction treatment industry and safe sober living homes. 

    The JarrodsLaw is determined to  become the gold standard on where to find out the facts and track record of drug rehab facilities in the State of California in order to help those seeking help with their addictions make educated decisions on where to obtain safe and quality treatment for drug/alcohol addiction in California.  

    JarrodsLaw is currently working with members of the United States Congress through pending legislation, HR 4684, Ensuring Access  to Quality Sober Living Act of 2018, which will direct the United States Department of Health and Human Services to implement fail safes in sober living homes where there is no regulation or oversight. 

    Sober living homes should be required to report deaths to the DHCS in the state where the deaths occur.


    JarrodsLaw believes "knowledge is power" and caution those seeking treatment for an addiction to be beware of slick promises by drug rehab facilities and sober-living homes.   Find out the facts to make informed decisions on where to receive treatment with your addiction.

    The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) does NOT provide the ability for consumers to look up information about a drug rehab facility's track record online and there is little oversight of sober-living homes in California and across the country.  

    JarrodsLaw has taken the step of requesting these records through the California Public Records Act and are making them available to you online on our website so you can be better informed about your choices. 

    This is NOT the entire list of the licensed facilities in the State of California. JarrodsLaw will post the records as they are provided by DHCS.  

    JarrodsLaw intends to grow the database of information to include the States of Florida and Arizona in the future.  


    Prevent deaths or injuries while seeking treatment for drug addiction.

    Wendy McEntyre with her son, Jarrod

    JarrodsLaw was founded after my 23 year old son Jarrod died a sober-living home called “The Safe House”. I was determined to find out how and why he died. During that journey I discovered that there is no oversight or accountability of Sober Living Homes on either a federal, state, or local level. JarrodsLaw is a protector and guardian against unsafe and illegal practices in Sober-Living Homes and Treatment Centers and will fight hard to make legislative changes nationwide to prevent these unnecessary deaths. 

    Prevent drug overdoses, seek help from reputable drug treatment centers.

    Become educated, before it happens to you or your family

    Deaths due to drug overdoses happen every day throughout this nation at staggering rates and several facilities have higher rates than others. You should not be able to house vulnerable drug addicts and call yourself a drug-free environment if there are no fail safes in place.  You or your loved one should NOT die in detox, like my son Jarrod.  JarrodsLaw is here to prevent that from happening.  

    If it happens to your family

    Grief support is essential when you lose a child. Legal support is required when you lose your loved one due to the negligence of a treatment facility or sober living home. I strongly recommend GRASPHELP.ORG

    Wendy McEntyre is a public safety advocate who can shepherd you through the process of alerting local, state and federal oversight agencies when you or a loved one is harmed at an addiction treatment facility OR SOBER LIVING HOME. 

    I am available 24/7 at 1.866.40.REPORT - 1.866.407.3767  

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    6/8/18 Newport Beach City Council to weigh in on sober living, needle exchange proposals

    The Newport Beach City Council will consider sending a letter in support of Rohrabacher’s

    “Restoring Community Oversight of Sober Living Homes Act of 2018” (H.R. 5724).

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    6/6/18  Health care CEO and four physicians charged in superseding indictment in connection with $200 million health care fraud scheme involving

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    Tri-County Wellness sought funding from Medicare for unnecessary injections and urine


    6/4/18 Temecula based treatment provider accused of fraud

    Man who ran the Southern California Detox Treatment and Recovery allegedly cheated

    five insurance companies out of $2.7 million dollars over five years.

    6/3/18 Opponents of new sober-living home warn of ‘Rehab Riviera’

    Residents worry Encinitas may be the next stop on the Rehab Riviera as new sober home



    6/10/18 Prescott’s total of sober-living homes drops below 30 (AZ)

    6/8/18 New alliance aims for greater oversight of sober homes (CT)

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    6/8/18 Investigation underway after man found dead for 37 days inside recovery center (NY)


    Email me your story with a picture and I will post it here. We either stand for something or we will fall for everything!


     Current California Rules
    The different places where a drug addict can go for treatment and recovery are:


    • Oversight by the Department of Public Health and provides “lay your head down” medical treatment.
    • Patient’s safety is assured.


    • Oversight by the Department of Public Health and provides “lay your head down” medical treatment
    • Oversight by the Department of Health Care Services
    • Patient’s safety is assured
    • Medications are dispensed, medical services provided, but Department of Health Care Services specific


    • Oversight by the Department of Health Care Services given by the State of California for individuals overcoming addiction.  Department of Health Care Services investigates any violations.
    • 24 hour live-in residences which must have an Department of Health Care Services license

    Programs provided such as:

    • Detoxification
    • Group counseling
    • Individual counseling
    • Educational sessions
    • Learning sessions
    • Relapse prevention education
    • Recovery planning
    • Treatment planning
    • Residents can take their own medication.  Facility can keep it locked up but cannot actually dispense it.


    • Not licensed by the Department of Health Care Services
    • Can be anyone’s home – from a room in Grandma’s house, to your entire home, to a “Sober Living Home”
    • Individual agrees not to drink or use drugs while living in this home
    • People are doing inappropriate things – such as crowding people into rooms, and housing them in inappropriate structures, such as sheds and not providing adequate bathroom facilities
    • City and local enforcement has authority over these homes but there is no consistency in enforcement of building codes


     **************H.R.4684  ************ Ensuring Access to Quality Sober Living Act of 2018115th Congress (2017-2018) | Get alerts

    California State Bills Still Moving Forward:

    AB 3162 - Friedman, Allen, Stern and Quirk-Silva (Support)
    Referred to Senate Committee on Health (passed in Assembly)
    It assesses higher penalties for violations.  It creates a one year provisional period in licensing, and if licensing provisions were broken, the person could not reapply for licensure for 2 years.  It requires that the state inspect unlicensed houses alleged to be providing licensed services and shut them down if they are operating without a license.  Sponsored by City of Malibu in cooperation with DHCS.
    SB 992 - Hernandez (Chair of the Senate Health Committee and running for Lt. Gov. ) (Support) 
    Referred to Assembly Committee on Health (passed in Senate)
    Requires Treatment Centers to identify the unlicensed houses with which they have relationships… calls them “Recovery Residences.”  Creates a registry of Recovery Residences.   Requires a residence have a plan for when a patient relapses. 
    SB 1228 - Lara,  (Lara is running for State Insurance Commissioner) (Oppose)
    Referred to Assembly Committees on Health and Public Safety (passed in Senate)
    The "Substance Use Disorder Patient Protection Act" claims it would make patient-brokering a crime, but then is unclear what the penalties would be. This bill would require that those in the penal system be routed strictly to facilities or residences that are licensed or certified.  It creates a list of procedures that would need to be followed to be certified and proposes that DHCS will approve of third-party certification entities.  Sponsored by Recovery Reform Now.
    SB 1268 - Bradford (Oppose)
    Referred to Assembly Committee on Health (passed in Senate)
    Makes patient brokering in addiction treatment programs punishable by a $2500 fine and a misdemeanor


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