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JarrodsLaw.Org was established to create awareness of dangers those facing addiction face and to pave the way for real change in providing oversight and accountability in the addiction treatment industry and safe sober living homes. 

The JarrodsLaw is determined to  become the gold standard on where to find out the facts and track record of drug rehab facilities in the State of California in order to help those seeking help with their addictions make educated decisions on where to obtain safe and quality treatment for drug/alcohol addiction in California.  

JarrodsLaw is currently working with members of the United States Congress through pending legislation, HR 4684, Ensuring Access  to Quality Sober Living Act of 2018, which will direct the United States Department of Health and Human Services to implement fail safes in sober living homes where there is no regulation or oversight. 

Sober living homes should be required to report deaths to the DHCS in the state where the deaths occur.



Wendy McEntyre founder of JarrodsLaw.Org.

This organization was founded in 2005 by Wendy McEntyre after the loss of her son, Jarrod Autterson at a rogue Sober Living Home. Jarrod’s Law is a watchdog 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that acts as a protector and guardian against inefficient, unsafe and illegal practices in Sober Living Homes & Treatment Facilities and to fight to make national legislative changes.

Deaths due to overdosing happen every day throughout this nation at staggering rates (1 every 7.9 minutes). You should not be able to house vulnerable drug addicts and call yourself a drug-free environment if there are no fail-safes in place. Campaigning For Change By: Creating AB 920 “Jarrod’s Law”. It would require outpatient, detox and residential treatment which now is completely unsupervised by the state to be licensed, regulated and adopt treatment criteria and by raising awareness for individuals about drug prevention, treatment and aftercare. Assisting families with grief support resources, legal resources, and crisis intervention. Advocating for the deceased by investigating their negligent deaths and taking rightful

action. Resource alignment and guidance. Patient advocacy by planning strategies for addicts and families. Community outreach through educational programs provided to schools. Financial support for families in crisis by providing burial expenses for unexpected deaths that occur at rogue rehabs and sober living homes. Data collection of deaths at treatment and sober living homes for the purpose of public safety.

What Have They Accomplished? Founder, Wendy McEntyre is an active member on the Director’s Advisory Committee for the Department of Health Care Services. Jarrod’s Law has assisted several families with resources that have resulted in more mother activists who are spreading the word of hope and education. Currently investigating illegally operated rogue rehabs, and have since uncovered and confirmed 4 preventable deaths at these facilities with 20 more still under investigation. Drafted and sponsored proposed petitions for oversight in Sober Living Homes and Treatment facilities. Advocated for Sober Living Home and Treatment facility employees who have dared to be honest and forthcoming about their knowledge of illegal practices and have found them legal counsel and assisted them in finding new employment. Drafted an action plan between California narcotic sniffing dog operation and the Sober Living Network to launch a pilot dog sniffing program. Participated in Municipal Advisory Committee meetings. A family spokesperson for families that have lost loved ones at rogue rehab centers. Worked directly with County Supervisors, Local Law Enforcement, Senators, and Congressmen, all major insurance companies and fraud departments and heads a local task force. Wendy appears in the documentary "The Business of Recovery" which takes aim at the 38

billion dollar a year recovery business. These are the changes they are fighting to make: Safeguarding and promoting the public interests in Sober Living Homes and Treatment facilities through licensure, regulation, education, and enforcement on a national level. Emergency

Contact needs to be notified in the event that a resident is either asked to leave or leaves voluntarily. Narcotic sniffing dogs to check homes randomly on a monthly basis. First aid training requirement for managers and staff. Narcan and defibrillator on site with staff trained in the use. 



JarrodsLaw is just beginning to compile the death investigations conducted by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) on all licensed facilities in the State of California.  

DHCS has reported a total of 119 deaths in the past 6 years at the licensed drug rehab facilities.  

These do not include DEATHS occurring at sober-living homes, which are not legally required to report deaths to DCHS.  JarrodsLaw has reason to believe the number of DEATHS at sober-living homes could be in the thousands.   JarrodsLaw advocates for laws requiring the reporting of DEATHS at all sober-living homes.  

The industry needs much more accountability from DHCS and it is our goal to make that happen.   



JarrodsLaw believes "knowledge is power" and caution those seeking treatment for an addiction to be beware of slick promises by drug rehab facilities and sober-living homes.   Find out the facts to make informed decisions on where to receive treatment with your addiction.

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) does NOT provide the ability for consumers to look up information about a drug rehab facility's track record online and there is little oversight of sober-living homes in California and across the country.  

JarrodsLaw has taken the step of requesting these records through the California Public Records Act and are making them available to you online on our website so you can be better informed about your choices. 

This is NOT the entire list of the licensed facilities in the State of California. JarrodsLaw will post the records as they are provided by DHCS.  

JarrodsLaw intends to grow the database of information to include the States of Florida and Arizona in the future.  

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