• News Stories about Rogue Drug Rehabs

    Mother erecting cross after her son died while at a drug rehab facility.

    Orange County Register expose on CA drug rehabs

    The California Department of Health Care Services appears to provide little oversight of drug rehabs and sober-living homes in the State of California.  So, you need to be wary.  Read this overview published by the Orange County Register.  

    Additionally, Drug Rehabs are creating homelessness in Southern California by dumping out their unsuccessful or used up exploited drug rehab patients according to this article in the Orange County Register.  

    Above it All

    Above it All Drug Treatment Facility located in Lake Arrowhead, California has four wrongful death cases pending against it, Donavan Doyle, Matthew Maniace, Terri Darling and James Dugas.  Numerous employees and former clients were suing Above It All.   The State of California suspended and revoked Above It All Licenses.   You can follow the court cases and view court documents at the San Bernardino Superior Court Website

    Now they are starting new drug rehab centers under new entities just putting them under other people's names, their relatives.  

    Community Recovery Los Angeles

    Christopher Bathum, owner of 19 drug rehab facilities in Southern California and Colorado, was finally convicted of 31 crimes against his drug rehab patients.  Read about it in the Orange County Register.  

    Sovereign Health

    Sovereign Health was so bad that it caught the attention of the FBI, who conducted a raid of their facilities.   According to a Los Angeles Times article, "Sharma's medical license was revoked by Britain's General Medical Council in 2008 for "serious professional misconduct." 

    Here is a story entitled "Sovereign Health drug and rehab facility forced to shut down drug services" in Florida.  Read all about it in Wink.  

    Several Drug Rehabs deserve a special mention

    First House is mentioned concerning the death of one of their drug rehab patients,  Brandon Jacques, in this aricle in the Orange County Register.

    West Coast Detox was featured in the Orange County Register article also for the death of Jason Redmer, a drug rehab patient.  His Mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit.   

     Pacific Coast Detox was mentioned in the Orange County Register article about the death of one of their drug rehab patients,  Dillon DeRita .   

    Drug rehabs exploit drug rehab patients and their insurance companies, one way through excessive urine testing.  Read this article for details.